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See what customers are saying about Kyani's Skin Care products and Health products. It is rare to see any negative reviews on Kyani's supreme HEALTHY products, especially with the 30 day money back GUARANTEE!!

Kyani Fleuresse Skin Care Reviews

Kyani Fleuresse Products

Kyani Fleuresse Skin Care system includes: Serum, Boosting Cleanser, Day Creme, Night Creme, and Eye Creme (not shown in pic).

Dianne (New York):

I have been using the Fleuresse skin care for a month now. I am SO happy with the results! I am 70 yo and find that my skin is brighter, smoother, and softer. I use it exactly as directed and have not been disappointed. Actually the price is not bad when you are getting 4 products in the package. I have spent much more with other lines such as Lancôme, Trish McEvoy, etc. my lines are diminishing and my skin feels amazing. I will continue using Fleuresse as it SO agrees with my skin.

Kyani Fleuresse Testimony

Angie (California):

I have used Fleuresse for over a month now and it does everything it says it can do...I love that it’s 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals in it at all.. and as far as the price, you can actually put the system in individual pieces now and it’s alot cheaper than rodan and fields which is not 100% natural.



Fleuresse before and after

Kyani Triangle of Health Reviews

Kyani Triangle of Health

Kyani Triangle of Health includes: Sunrise, Nitro Fx / Xtreme, Sunset.

Deborah (Chicago):

Kyani is simply an awesome product. I started taking it in March 2016. Prior to Kyani, I had terrible lower back pain from arthritis, migraines, high BP, on acid reflux meds, and no energy. Now my pain at worst is a 1, off high BP and acid reflux meds, and instead of 36 migraines/year I have had only 5 in 15 1/2 months. My life has changed. Now I am a business partner in Kyani so I can help others. Kyani makes no medical claims, cures, healing or diagnosis. But from what I have actually seen in me and others, is that when you take in quality you get quality. God provided the ingredients, the Powells, Hansons, and Taylors found a way to produce Kyani to make wonderful things happen. I love Kyani - I live Kyani!!

Nancy (Tennessee):

When I heard about Kyani I didn't believe what they said. How can 3 products alter your health for the best? I tried it out any way to help a friend. Four weeks being on the Triangle of Health and I notice natural energy increase, better appetite, hormones stabilize, no more hot sweats, no more cramping, and depression under control. I give 10 stars to Kyani because the products work great, its easy to use, and the customer service is on the phone in seconds fixing your problem.


General Kyani Product Reviews

Kyani Product Reviews

Reviews for all Kyani system products

Rachel (Texas):

I personally love both the health and beauty products and how all kyani products have a 30 day money back guarantee. You can now buy every product individually and you can send it back if you don’t like it no questions asked. That’s how confident they are in their product.

Brad (Hawaii):

I was hesitant at first to try out the Triangle of Health, as I've never been a big fan of using supplements. However after seeing a very sick member of my family use this for a few months and seeing the dramatic health improvement, I decided to give it a try.  I have a pretty rigorous workout schedule between paddling outrigger canoe daily and crossfit, and after a few weeks noticed a huge improvement in my overall energy, stamina, endurance, and sleep in particular.  Also, just started taking the Fleuresse (face product) system... really liking it so far, less acne and my dry skin problems are really going away.